Patented spring hinge  collection
Handmade in Paris

Fashion & Quality Frames

Eyerys I Care take pride to present high quality brands of spectacles. Customisation of frames and lenses to suit individual facial physique. Come in and experience a custom fit spectacles, like no others offered in Broken Hill.

Seeing beyond

We are partnered with ZEISS to provide only the very best quality lenses in our glasses

Our eyes have never been busier in today’s world.

Give your eyes what they need with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses, so that whatever your eyes face today, you’ll always have sharp, clear and comfortable vision.

  • All day visual comfort for your connected and on-the-move lifestyle
  • Optimised near zone for better reading on digital devices
  • Takes your age-related pupil diameter into account
  • Full UV protection up to 400nm – the same level as premium sunglasses.

Great appearance

Anti-reflective coating, so you can see and be see more clearly.


Superior hardness and scratch protection.

Blue light proection

Extra support for those who stare at digital devices for many hours a day.

Thinner, lighter, flatter

More attractive and comfortable to wear

Get the latest look. Come in to try on our range today.

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